Photo Gallery

Marbled Salamander in Vigo County Smallmouth Salamander at Thomas Slough Smallmouth Salamander Black Kingsnake Axanthic Lithobates clamitans
Wisconsin Prairie Fire Upland Sandpiper Chicks Crawfish Frog in burrow HFWA Conservation Biology, Lakeside Lab, 2011 Crawfish Frog HFWA
Crawfish Frog juvenile HFWA Crawfish Frog at burrow HFWA Vanessa Kinney at drift fence A tiger salamander cannibal morph, Dickinson County, Iowa, 2011 Smallmouth Salamander
Hognose Snake feigning death HFWA Fowlers Toad in Vigo County Gray Treefrog Okoboji Sunrise Hillenbrand Fish and Wildlife Area
Nate's Pond HFWA Pete Lannoo Box Turtle and pitfall trap Crawfish Frog defensive display Crawfish Frogs 401 (top) and 538
Post Wildfire, Whitecourt, Alberta Vanessa with frog Crawfish Frog in crayfish burrow Crawfish Frog juvenile Checking drift fences Nate's Pond
Crawfish Frog Photographing juvenile Crawfish Frog Jennifer Heemeyer Pete Lannoo Sue Lannoo
Crawfish Frog juvenile South Dakota Sunset Crawfish Frog Jennifer Heemeyer Crawfish Frogs in pitfall traps during a busy night
Crawfish Frog egg mass Kinney and Heemeyer Heemeyer and Kinney working a drift fence Processing a Crawfish Frog at a drift fence Kinney and Heemeyer inserting a pit tag
Heemeyer and Kinney working up a Crawfish Frog on a brisk Spring morning Jennifer Heemeyer Vanessa Kinney Marbled Salamander on a matching ruler The noble Crawfish Frog
A developmental malformation in a Smallmouth Salamander HFWA A Crawfish Frog in a crayfish burrow Hillenbrand Fish and Wildlife Area 2 Nate Engbrecht and Jennifer Heemeyer Drift fence deconstruction Heemeyer, Kinney, & Engbrecht
Nate Engbrecht at the Chicago Academy of Science collection holding the original Hoosier Frog Heemeyer tracking Frog 538 following a prescribed prairie burn Vanessa Kinney Frog Fence Marbled Salamander HFWA Nate Engbrecht with Smallmouth Salamander
Nate Engbrecht Nate Engbrecht Nate Engbrecht Gray Treefrog juvenile Crawfish Frog juvenile
Vanessa Kinney, Jennifer Heemeyer and frog McMurdo Sound, Antarctica Michael J Lannoo, PhD, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica Nathaniel B Palmer at McMurdo, Antarctica Shane at Minnehaha FWA.jpg
Smallmouth Salamanders at Cattail Pond Storm Clouds Tiger Salamander at Shidler Pond Vanessa Kinney Slider nesting in Sullivan County
Italian Alps Adelie Penguin, Ross Sea, Antarctica Coulman Island, Ross Sea, Antarctica Ecologist Ted Parker Ecologist Al Gentry
North Shore Jamaica Hollowell Recreation Center, Blue Mountains, Jamaica Rickett's Lab Leopold's Shack Mann Gulch
Sunset over the Guaviare River, Colombia